We're in our second week of waiting for approval on our app. The second go-around is even more excruciating than the first one. Usually Apple takes about a week before you hear whether or not you'll be approved or not. For us, it takes six days and then on the seventh day it goes from "Waiting for Review" to "In Review" to "Ready for Sale" or "Rejection" all on the seventh day. This go-around, we've been rejected for a strange error called SIGABRT. It's extremely frustrating because Apple said the app crashed a number of times and we never had problems when we were testing it. Now that we think we fixed the issue, we won't know until day 14 at Apple.

So what are we doing while waiting? Luckily, I padded our release date to "early October" in most of marketing information. I've used this time to market our professionally-looking, new trailer on youtube and on our web site and have been pleasantly pleased with the traffic. The only criticism I've gotten is that my voice isn't on it. I'm also putting together our ebook using the original .psd files from the artwork. It's a little time-consuming because there were so many changes to the original files that I have to recreate them. This is our first ebook so I'm not as confident. We're also using MyPublisher.com to create some printed versions of the book. I need to get an ISBN number if I want to sell it on Amazon. Add that to my list. I've looked into a couple of different sites that help you produce an online ebook. Two of which I talk about on here. I've done some homework, so you don't have to.

They're affiliated with CDBaby.com.

redistribute your ebook to the top four selling sites
(Amazon.com's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Sony's eReader, and Apple's iBookstore).
you take 100% of the royalties AFTER each publisher takes their cut.
charge you $19 per year for each year the book is for sale.
charge you $19 for your ISBN number and have a series of extras from design to file conversion (basic file conversion is included).
They also charge you $2 per image after ten images which excluded us from using them since we are a picture book publisher.

  • 85% net back to the author/publisher/agent
  • Distribution to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, others
  • FREE ebook conversion to nine formats
  • FREE unlimited updates to book and metadata
  • FREE exclusive marketing and selling tools such as our Smashwords Coupon Manager!
We decided to go direct. We're going to go right to the source and bypass the middle man. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble charges nothing but you have to have your ducks in a row. Make sure you have your ISBN number. www.bowker.com for more info on that. Also make sure that you have an epub file. Adobe Indesign will save to epub. I'll let you know more how the process unfolds as it happens. Enjoy!

On Tuesday, I'll go over some of the awards and contests that are available to you!


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