Word of the Day is "Timing"
When I first started on my new book app (August 4th), I was anticipating completion after six weeks. Well I've reached that deadline. However, I didn't account for the testing that needed to take place. We're about a week into the testing and have a few hiccups which is a bit frustrating. The book is great, I love everything about it. It works great on the  Simulator but when we build it on the iPad, we have some screen freezes and we're trying to address that. So I went back to my ambitious plan (6-8 apps a year) and decided to change my plan for 2012 and do 4 apps a year. This will give me 6-8 weeks of development, two weeks of testing and feedback, and two weeks for marketing. It's hard, I admit it, when you believe in a project of this magnitude and you can't wait to tell people about it, but you can't. It's frustrating. So I've decided to push back the release date to October 4th, 2011. (Apple needs one week to review it). This will give me and my programmer a little breathing room, time for polishing the app, and also a week and a half of pre-marketing. In fact, what I'm reading in many blogs is that marketers are now saying that you should set your release date far into the future 60-90 days and start to market it before it's released. Many developers I've spoken to have said the same thing. So perhaps this extra time needed was, and is a blessing. It gives me time to get all my ducks in a row before I release the app. I have started on the promo video. It's cool, I hope you will all enjoy it. The other thing about good timing is when you're looking ahead to 2012, be smart about your timing of the release of your app. I know when I was in the greeting card business. I made the mistake of coming out with my Christmas line in October. Only to find out that buyers had already purchased their cards for Christmas back in February. In my downtime in January, I plan of putting together my Media and my App Plan. I'll share the basics with you at that time.

"They" say timing is everything. So let's hope that we get this figured out in time for October 1st Release! Keeping my fingers crossed! I'd still like to squeeze out another app for Christmas. You can bet, I'll be ready in 2012!

I'll send out a tweet when I get the promo video out.

A side note: Read Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly and some of the other top movie mags out there. Try to get a feel for what's hot or what's coming out and put out books or apps related to those items. Looking back on this app, I probably should have included a lion or a dolphin into my app.



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