I decided to write two entries this weekend. Today's posting is about the last few days and hours before a submission. We're in our final hours and we've actually pushed back our deadline a couple of days. There really is no "deadline" per se. We're not trying to get it out by a certain date but we need to get it done quickly so that we can start our next project for Christmas! As we were setting up the schedule, we didn't account for the hours and hours of testing that's needed. Sometimes things work so beautifully on the simulator but when you build it to your device you notice some artwork needs tweaking, or volume controls aren't consistent. That's what we're doing now. I have a little time to write as my programmer is taking a much needed nap before the big push.

For narration, I decided to make it a "read to me" book because I wanted it to be read to someone at night and I wanted it as a complete package. The ultimate in its capability. Afterall, eventually the book will be made available as an ebook, and in print so we wanted to have each character's voice to shine. Since that was me who was narrating and I have a very deep voice, some of the character's personalities just weren't making it onto the mic. So we scrapped that idea for now and after we changed all the narration, we think it actually sounds better! This goes back to my last posting about learning to "ADAPT!" So here we are and I'm now writing down all of the places we still need narration fixes, sound FX fixes or insertions, and last-minute copy changes. Now let me speak to the copy for a minute. We went through 6 revisions in the script and we thought we finally had it until we played it all out on the iPad. And low and behold there were two places that just didn't sound right then when it was read. So we're still brainstorming some text towards the end of the book to make it sound perfect. But you know, that's what I love about this gig! Each day is different and we always expect it one way, but it always ends up something else.

I really can't wait to share this story with you. It's a cute story that is great for all ages and we hope that the story will remain timeless. So I'm heading back into the trenches. Look for me tomorrow where I will finally share some artwork with you and my plans to market the app. Oh now it gets really fun!


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