Wow! It has been more than a month since my last post. I did a little experiment for the first 22 days of the month; I did zero marketing. Course I didn't plan it that way, because I was busy, but wow what a difference. Yes Virginia, Self-Marketing does work! Even though my web traffic has been down, my sales for my first app are pretty consistent. I think lowering the price helped a lot. Hmmm that could be the best marketing so far! I did lower all my apps to $.99 so we shall see if that does do the trick! I do have 9 days left in November to make some marketing noise and will start to blow some horns. As I am really excited about two new announcements. 1) I just made some really cool additions to Hippos Name and Hippo Mini. We decided to improve the apps a little before starting our new book for December. So we flushed out the map page and took each character, regardless if it appeared in the book or not, and wrote a little bio of them. The new artwork was so good, that we're going to up the bar and strive for Disney-like quality from now on. Hey, we have great characters and strong writing, why not go for even better artwork.

So look for the new version coming out in one week. Heck, buy the app now to see how much it will change. It's a great story and now has even better characters.

I struggled with the original script for the new book. It took a long time to write this one. I think it's because I wanted something that was as good as my hero's, Charles Schulz. And I went down that way, even creating a skating scene with all of my characters. Well that wasted about 2 weeks of artwork and story lines that were going nowhere. I finally did what I did for Hippos Name. I just started with one idea and started writing and finished the script in about 20 minutes. I've edited it quite a bit, but it's ready to go. I'm very happy with it. And because of the additional work we did on the last app, you can be assured that the artwork will be 10x better than what I've given so far. The characters are well-defined, and well thought out. I can't to show off my new book app to all of you. Look for the announcement on December 20-21! I should have a trailer made for it by then as well. And This Time, I'll Price it Right!
–Nick Nebelsky

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