If you have read our last bog entry, we mentioned how we were working on our latest book on Christmas. We figured we probably wouldn't be done with it until late December and would only have a couple of weeks on the market. Well we are working on something, but we've pushed the Christmas book to 2012. This way, we can have a full-fledged book just the way we want it and give our customers something they haven't seen before in an app book. The script has been written, and now all of the artwork, and special effects have to be created and programmed. Look for an announcement on that 3rd quarter of 2012.

What we do have is a Holiday Bonus for Hippos Name. This bonus was slated to be a part of our new Christmas book, but my partner and I decided that we could get it to market a lot quicker if we pulled it out of that book, and inserted it as a Holiday Bonus for Hippos Name. It appeals to both Christmas children and Hannakuh. There are a total of five bonus areas where kids will have a blast creating, designing, baking, and assembling arts and crafts for the holidays. Visually, this is our best work to date. It seems that I become a better drawer every time I sit down. I really loved how this came out, and I'm sure your kids will love it too. These are high-quality drawings and activities you can do with your children and then you can go back and read Hippos Name anytime you want.
We'll release some illustrations of our new version when we get closer to the release date. Thanks for reading! –Nick

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